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The Great Kiva of Chetro Ketl, in Chaco Cultural National Historical Park, which hosts the densest and most exceptional concentration of ancient pueblos in the American Southwest. Northwestern New Mexico.

Chaco Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Charles Haire

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico; photo by Charles Haire

UNESCO World Heritage Site - Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Culture Nat'l Hist'l Park, Chaco Canyon, NM. photo: Scott Haefner Photo

23 Extraordinary Destinations in America

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

New Mexico

Largest multistoried Pueblo adobe structure. Taos, New Mexico, USA (color)

Lascaux Prehistoric Cave Paintings

Ancient Pueblo-Anasazi Rock Art of a Warrior with a Bear Claw Shield

Great Living Chola Temples, India