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Friendship Bags (Patch the Giraffe)

My guild hosted a yankee swap at our meeting last night and I needed something cute, quick, and...

Triple Zipping (Blueberry Patch)

I made this set last weekend when I was a little bit tired of making Illusion blocks. I have...

House bag - this looks like a messenger bag that's been modified into a pretty snifty house bag - what a great gift this would be for kids! There are a few more photos on the website :)

The Phoebe Phone & ID Case {Free Pattern} (Clover & Violet)

The Phoebe Phone & ID Case {Free Pattern} | Clover & Violet | Bloglovin’

Tuto du sac façon Petit Bateau


maak er een gezellig eindejaar van. - elisanna

pour mes jolis mômes, mais pas que...

BJB Couture

This Is My Office and My Beat Laboratory (Sweet Bee Buzzings)

Extra points if you know what thats from. Points arent worth anything. You just get them. Kind...

Grand sac cabas en lin doublé de coton Anses en cuir

Grand sac cabas en lin Large linen tote leather handles


Dreamin ao lado da piscina do vintage Tote - In Color Order