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Yoruba African Orishas Poster Canvas Print / Canvas Art by James C Lewis

8 choses que vous ignorez au sujet des Orisha les divinités d’Afrique

Yoruba African Orishas Poster

Pictures With All The Orishas | Orishas Poster Photograph by James C Lewis - Yoruba African Orishas ...

Mais qui sont les Orisha, les Dieux de l'Afrique ?

8 choses que vous ignorez au sujet des Orisha les divinités d’Afrique

Photographer James C. Lewis went out on a creative limb to re-imagine ancient African Yoruba dieties- the Orisha, using striking models, expert…

Òsùmàrè (a word in nagô language) is the proper name of the rainbow-serpent of Candomblé mythology. The rainbow-serpent represents mobility and activity, and it controls the forces that direct movement. Osumare is the Lord of all elongated things. The umbilical cord, for instance, is under its control. In Candomblé ritual, the umbilical cord is buried with the placenta under a palm tree, which becomes property of the newborn baby.

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James C. Lewis, the eldest of the orishas in Santeria and king of the religion in orun (heaven). He is also the father of many of the orishas and as such is given great respect and deference by the other orishas in matters of great importance. He also acts as the “referee” or judge when the orishas have quarrels, working to restore and preserve peace at all times.

Ori, ruler of the head

OLORUN. El sol, la concreción perennemente visible de la divinidad.Es la manifestación más sensible y material de Olofi y Oloddumare. Es la fuerza vital de la existencia y, gracias a su calor y energía hace crecer las cosechas,existir el día y la noche,mover las aguas y los vientos. Es signo de vida y de creación vegetal,sustento de la existencia en el plano terrestre Olorun es el dueño de la luz,de los colores,del aire,del aliento y del soplo de la vida También lo es del,vigor y del…

This is what I think Menyara looks like in her Goddess form. From the Chronicles of Nick.

Oko is the orisha of agriculture, fertility of the land, and the harvest. He is also linked with human fertility, and those wishing to have children turn to him. Ironically, Oko himself is impotent. Oko is also a peacemaker and arbitrator of disputes, particularly those that involve women.