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Gwaschemasch'e at Mnajdra - Qrendi, Malta 1905

Gwaschemasch'e leads solstice rite at Mnajdra - Qrendi, Malta 1906

Gwaschemasch'e, "Priestess of the Great Mother, Protector of Mnajdra"

Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin aka George Sand, was a remarkable woman - a prodigious novelist, dramatist and campaigner for all manner of political reform. A rebellious, cross-dressing, cigar-smoking, scandalously-acting woman writer who lived at a time that was certainly much more of a man's world than today. Frédéric Chopin was only one of many famous men in her life. After the relationship fell apart, in 1847, he scarcely composed again, before his death two years later.

Temple in the shape of the Goddess, Malta, Mnajdra, 3500 B.C.

U.S. Laundry, New York City,1934


Tanit is the mother of the waters in all its forms, and there are many wells and fountains with medicinal waters on Ibiza. There was singing and dancing by the fountains and outlets of rivers at certain times of the year. There are many sources of water in the pine-covered hills. Tanit, like Ishtar, brings life, fertility, purification, healing, breath and magnetic flow. She was of the stars...

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