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How to make oven-dried tomatoes. These are so easy to make and really add a lot of flavor to your recipes! A perfect way to use all your extra garden tomatoes! #tomatoes #vegetables
Tartelettes aux Poires au Vin et Crème de Noisettes
Crispy Parmesan Tomato Chips
Saviez-vous qu'il était possible de faire des fruits secs maison ?  Et oui et, en plus, c'est facile !  Découvrez l'astuce ici : http://www.comment-economiser.fr/technique-pour-faire-fruits-secs-maison.html?utm_content=buffer9d062&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer
homemade sun-dried tomatoes recipe To prepare dried tomatoes in the traditional way it takes a week of sun. Umm … a week … fortunately there are another way to prepare delicious dried tomatoes in “only” 10 to 14 hours! The process is not really fast, but the result is delicious and it will comfort on cold winter days, bringing a little ‘sun even in December (unless you live in California, lucky guys  )
How to cook artichokes perfectly each time
Homemade Pesto Sauce Recipe ~ This is a quick and easy pesto sauce recipe using fresh basil... It's delicious served over pasta, bruschetta, meat, or salads.
Check out How to Dehydrate Foods to Preserve Them at https://pioneersettler.com/dehydrate-foods-preserve/
Cogumelos assados ​​em um molho bronzeado manteiga, alho e tomilho