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Explorez Guerre Mondiale, Juin 1941 et plus encore !

A wounded Russian soldier who managed to escape a direct hit to his tank looks helplessly up at his German captor two days after the beginning of Operation Barbarossa; the German invasion of the Soviet Union. Minsk Oblast, Belarus. 22 June 1941.

Somewhere on the Eastern front, 1941 - 44 German soldier wounded and dragged away. The German war machine became more and more ineffective and casualties mounted through 1943 - 45

Life goes on: German soldiers grave on the Havel 1946.

German soldiers swarm an allied tank.

Casualties of 5th SS Wiking (Norwegians serving in the German SS)near Kovel, 1944.

artwork of the russian artist Dmitriy zigonnik showing a german waffen ss soldier during the early war period

German soliers burial a comrade.

German tanks PzKpfw IV Ausf.F drive past downed and captured British armored "Bren Carrier" (version with 13.9 mm anti-tank gun "Boys"). Bronetransortere decomposed on the German flag to prevent attacks from the Italian and German Air Force.

WWI, German soldier with shell carriers.

Soviet Union 1941, German soldiers naked, inspect the carcass of a Russian tank KV-1.