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Care for a Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus tips - dark for 12 hours November on; prune after blooming; repot in February

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7 Christmas Cactus Care Tips

Christmas Cactus Care Tips - How to care for Christmas Cactus. These tips will help you grow a healthy Christmas Cactus that will bloom year after year.

Fantastic! Use a foam to soak up concrete mix in whatever shape you desire and let it harden into a hardened version of what you just cut out! Make pavers for the garden?

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love the idea to paint on concrete a rug or patterns... or just in only one color! j'aime l'idée de peindre sur le béton du sol, un tapis ou des motifs... ou juste d'une seule couleur uniforme! 7 xxx les amis

First, during September and October the plant will need cooler temperatures between 50-60 degrees. The cooler temperatures allow the plant to rest before reblooming.  Secondly, limit watering during this time.  Don't let the plant dry out but water it once every 3-4 weeks and don't water it thoroughly. Thirdly, the plant needs total darkness at night to help it rest.  No street lights shining in the window or night lights in the house.  Lastly, keep the plant root bound and it will produce…

Garden art: must try to find old bicycle wheels... wat else is circular... will start 2 look around :)

cath. a écrit:Je te ferai une photo du mien. Il est dans un endroit pas facile on va dire Si tu regardes dans les photos que j'ai mises ce we, l'avant dernière

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How to Get Your Christmas Cactus to Bloom!

Everything you need to know about caring for a Christmas cactus throughout the year - including the three things you need to get a ton of blooms!

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Christmas Cactus Blooms Wilt – Why Christmas Cactus Flowers Are Wilting

Flower Wilt On Christmas Cactus: Fixing Wilting Christmas Cactus Blooms - Christmas cactus is a longlived plant with bright blooms that appear around the winter holidays. Although the plant is relatively lowmaintenance, dropping or wilting Christmas cactus blooms may occur. Find out what to do in this article.

Gardening: #springintothedream chicken wire and spray paint paradis express: Karl Gercens à Chaumont sur Loire