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Baker's Yeast Gets a Genetic Makeover ~~ An army of undergraduates built a synthetic chromosome with cheap DNA-making technology. The humble baker's yeast has been enlisted to serve the needs of humanity, responsible for beer, wine and bread, among other staples. A domesticated servant for at least millennia, the microscopic fungus has now had one of its chromosomes swapped out by a host of undergraduate students in favor of a pared-down, synthetic version.

Ziketteland | infinity-imagined: Grains of pollen

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Emmanuel Perrin

Le virus de la grippe aviaire H7N9

Parasite spores leaving their host, the tintinnid Tintinnopsis cylindrica

Encapsulated Yeast (Cryptococcus neoformans), the pathogen for cryptococcosis, especially in immune deficient humans such as those with HIV/...

A muscle myoblast is an immature muscle cell, also called a muscle precursor cell that is essential for muscle repair. A mature muscle cell is actually a very thin fiber. A single muscle cell can be more than an inch long, and instead of containing one nucleus like most other cells, it can contain as many as 500 nuclei