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Japanese Mythology: God Izanagi and Goddess Izanami were married to each other. Izanami could give birth to anything. One day she created the island of Japan. Izanami died when she gave birth to the god of fire from deadly burns during labor. By then she had given birth to 14 islands and 35 gods. God Izanagi was desperate about the loss of his beloved companion and went down to the underworld to search for Izanami and found her...

The name Tara means one who saves and the word Tara means star. The Goddess Tara is worshipped throughout the Buddhist world, not only in Tibet, but also in India, China and Japan. In Tibet she is called Drolma, in China, Kuan Yin. Japanese tradition call her Kannon. She is the Mother of liberation. However, the Goddess Tara is also universally known and loved in many cultures, not just in Tibetan Buddhism. In Latin she is the name for the Earth; in Polynesian mythology she is the…

Mythology picspam - Mnemosyne, goddess of memory (requested by Montecristos)

#Uzume - Shinto goddess of laughter and light http://wp.me/p291tj-5f

Druid arch-priestess with sickle and mistletoe.

Kintaro, also called the "Golden Boy", was a child of extreme strengths. The son of a princess, he was brought up by Yamauba, an old woman living in the mountains. Kintaro lived in the mountain woods and talked to the animals. He was so strong that he could bend trees like nothing.

Ittan-momen / 一反木綿 ("One-tenth hectare of cotton") is a Tsukumogami formed from a roll of cotton. Ittan-momen flies through the air at night and attacks humans, often by wrapping around their faces to smother them.

Dakiniten, Japanese translation of Tantric goddess Dakini. Some claim she is a fierce goddess requires your total devotion. But she is said to be very affectionate and grants your wishes and heals you.

Hokusaï, Leçons de dessin par la décomposition géométrique

Seiobo is also called the "Queen Mother of the West". She cultivates a garden of peach trees that blossom only every 1000 years. However one of these peaches eaten, gives eternal life.

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