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I don't know why this is so funny

this picture is the cause of my nightmares<<< that's a perfect description


Publiez ce que vous voulez (où que vous soyez), personnalisez tout ce que vous désirez et trouvez et suivez les sujets qui vous passionnent. Créez votre blog Tumblr dès aujourd'hui.

My Fault - Imagine Dragons, my favorite band <3

See I think that the reason Mme. T always corrects M. T is because although Cosette is sometimes a burden on the family, she is a mother and can't help feeling as if she needs to care for this little girl, even if she does make her work for her keep. Had she not, why would she feel the need to remember her name, she never calls her it, but she still corrects her husband because for a mother it's the right thing to do... x


"You can take, You can give! Let him be, let him live!" - Jean Valjean Marius Pontmercy

Les Miserables AKA best musical ever. just stayed up until 1 am in the morning watching it and man I love the music