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'Computerised fabrics' in clothes could charge phones

Smart textiles - Design and Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, have produced a material which with using the energy from the body creates electricity that can be used to charge mobile phones and other electronics. The garment is produced by weaving a electronic fabric into the clothing in a certain way that stores energy from the body.

à partir de ØSMOSIS.

Nature-inspired Fashion Design through The Theory of Biomimicry

LAYERING SCRAPS LIKE SCALES After spying diamond-shaped wood chips on a workshop floor at London’s Kingston University—the leftovers of some architecture student, no doubt—Stefanie Nieuwenhuyswas reminded of a secondhand snakeskin bag she once purchased. Scooping them up, the fashion student set to work, layering the wooden scraps onto fabric like reptilian scales. To minimize waste, Stefanie Nieuwenhuys layered discarded pieces of wood onto fabric like reptilian scales. Nieuwenhuys’s “aha”…

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Paparazzi Lover is an interactive dress that lights up when it's photographed. Feeding on the sea of camera flashlights it responds with 62 embedded led lights that cleverly direct our eyes to the direction of the wearer, making her the centre of the attention.

Musical Textile - "The XY interactive textile is a large tactile surface for playing electronic music. The performer plays it simply by the movement of his/her hand on it's surface. This interface allows users to compose and interpret electronic music by choreographic movements. By its size, its texture, its flexibility and its transparency, this textile involves the whole body in the musical interpretation."


Matières ouvertes

3D Textiles Design - monochrome woven fabric with repeating shapes & textures; textile manipulation // Matières Ouvertes