Homeless Sign. what a Experience feed the homeless..  dont know if i can do it again. to much to handle, the smiles these people had amazing ..amen
Advertising Campaign ~ let's take care of our homeless children. Donate your old clothes.
We invite all of those who find themselves in this box to come to Star of Hope, a Shelter of love and life change in Houston! #homelessness #awareness
Signs of the homeless. (Photo courtesy of Willie Baronet) - Artist's massive homeless sign collection

Artist's massive homeless sign collection 'makes some people uncomfortable'

Something to pray daily...

My Favorite Inspirational Quotes on God

Don't Let A Few Bad Police Officers In The News Distract You From The Amazing Ones Still Working Hard - 24 Pics
Southeast Christian Church Louisville, Kentucky - Bing Images
Open Your Heart: Can Openers to Feed the Homeless — cutting out hunger one can opener at a time. Please donate your extra can openers to the homeless today!