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Mozart’s Virtual Musical Diary -The composer’s own notes, from 1784 until his death.

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29 images du passé que vous n'avez probablement jamais vues... La 23 est complètement folle !

La belle endormie, 1947 - Evelyn McHale s'est suicidée en sautant du haut de l'Empire State Building en 1947. Personne ne sait trop comment, mais elle a réussi à rester belle jusqu'au bout, et semble simplement endormie...

Biggie in Casket Funeral Pics | Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Body in Coffin During Funeral - 42-20711683 ...

Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin (1869-1916) was first poisoned with enough cyanide to kill ten men, but he wasn’t affected. So his killers shot him in the back with a revolver. Rasputin fell but later revived. So, he was shot again three more times, but Rasputin still lived. He was then clubbed, and for good measure thrown into the icy Neva River where he drowned.

Brandon Lee Death Body | At first the crew thought he was joking, but when realization kicked ...

Mirrored Website: Here is New York (hereisnewyo... 9/11

Scotland Yard Getting New Information about Princess Diana Death

This car was owned (and heavily used) by the infamous American serial killer, Ted Bundy. He removed the passenger seat to better hide his victims before disposing of them. Today in Chinatown, Washington, DC, US...National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington.