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Earl Hays Press - newspapers and such

How High Def Is Changing Your Brain—and Driving the Prop Master Crazy

Trademarks require special care. For example, Earl Hays Press will rent or sell you pink soda-can labels for “Teb” that look very, very like Tab labels. The average moviegoer’s conditioning to that pink label is such that he or she can “read” the Teb label in a film and understand, instantly and unconsciously: diet soda. Coca-Movie Props Cola Co. needn't worry that its real brand is being co-opted, because it’s Teb, not Tab. - How High Def Is Changing Your Brain—and Driving the Prop Master…

同一份報紙,在電視上出現了十幾年? 別以為是道具組同事太環保循環再用。 在美國加洲一小鎮「Sun Valley」,有一間公司叫「the Earl Hays Press」,源自1915年,專門製作不同款式的道具,包括報紙、書刊、什至各式各樣的日用品等等。 而這份「穿越」了十多年的報紙,第一份其實面世於1960年(圖中所見的當然只是用同一個檔案重印);報紙的內頁及背頁是不能修改的,頭版則可以因應客戶需要而修訂,每一份連印刷為$15美元。 為什麼製作團隊寧願花$15美元買一份道具報紙,也不願意使用現成或是自己印刷呢? 原來,從一間真正的印刷公司買一份真正的報紙去拍攝,手續及版權上的費用其實比用道具更麻煩、更昂貴。而製作團隊又不想自己印刷,讓畫面得過且過,最專業又化算的方法,就是交給這種道具製作公司了。 P.S. 見到報紙那個常出現的女人照片嗎?原來標題寫著「She's 3rd Brightest But Hard 'Gal' To See.」 (資料源自

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The Story Behind the Recycled Newspaper Prop

that same damn news paper, in every tv show for the last 30 years

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