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A mortar made from bell bronze with twisted detail on the handle and decorated with flowers and writing. ©York Museums Trust (Yorkshire Museum)
Ecouen. MORTIER AU NOM DE JEANNE LADURELLE, 1685: E.Cl.13116a,ECL. Lorraine, bronze fondu. Ht: 0,1m. Diam: 0,127m. Acquisition: 1894.
Mortar - Vijzel - Mörser Hachmann Cleve
Mortier aux têtes d'animaux 1432 Fabrication : Iran occidental, Turquie, Anatolie ou Jezireh Hauteur : 0.15 m Diamètre : 0.236 m
This is a Mortar & Pestle, made in Hengelo, Netherlands, in 1540. It was used by painters, craftsmen, alchemists, for cosmetics, medicines, food preparation etc. It is even still used today. The user mashes up ingredients with it. It would have been used by many in Europe  who were making medicines and herbal concoctions.

Mortar and pestle