David Boggins.....Columbus, OH

Sugar skull

I kinda on the fence about tattoos but this was way too beautiful to pass up. The lace, the colors in the feathers... It the most artfully done tat I've seen in a while.

15 Lace Tattoos For The Woman In You

Oh lalala. L'envie tattoo qui me reprend... Toutes mes inspirations tatouage sont à retrouver sur ...

and this lace pattern is just beautiful.but it would look awful if it wasn't done properly, is gonna be a bitch to touch up..and I really don't know if it'll look good with the old school style my pitty skull is done in =[ but I do love it..

lotus mandala underboob tattoo - Google-haku

Tatouage sur Mollet Feminin avec Fleur et Papillon Polynésiens

Beautiful Lace Tattoos On Shoulder For Women

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