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Dolphin Slaughter In Taiji. If you go to Sea World, you support this.

The Video Canada Doesn't Want You to See

The Video Canada Doesn't Want You to See. #peta #SeaShepherd #defendconserveprotect

Free Lolita

I remember this photo from the Miami Herald newspaper. It broke my heart. Some of Hugo's trainers claimed he was frustrated and never adapted to captivity. He frequently rammed his head into the side of his tank, which finally resulted in the aneurysm that killed him. When Hugo died the Miami Seaquarium left his remains in a Miami Dade landfill (1980)

Stop Dolphin Slaughter Taiji

Dolphin & Whale Massacre in Denmark!!! Gruesome Festival: Mass Killing of Whales and Dolphins To Prove Adulthood!!! This brutal bloody slaughter take place in ...the Faroe Islands, which belong to Denmark. To initiate into adulthood it is mandatory to kill a dolphin or a whale. This atrocious slaughter has been practiced since at least the 10th century. Nearly 1,000 are killed annually in the “grindadráp” — whale hunt — typically occurring during summer months.

Boycott seaworld, they mistreat dolphins and whales

Une baleine grise meurt en nous apportant un message

Baleine : Une baleine grise meurt en nous apportant un message, avec l’estomac rempli de sacs poubelle en plastique et la baleine est morte.

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Dit is een plaatje over de dolfijnenslachting in Japan, dit plaatje ga ik gebruiken bij het maken van mijn ontwerpen

beautiful...jelly beans @Kelly Donnelly