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Young dancer Toronto Star file photo The little girl in this 1981 photo participated in a fancy dress competition as a dancer. She wears the traditional costume complete with ornaments and flowers and even her face has been made up with the customary beauty spots.


The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience. These are some truly fantastic photographs.

Little Girl from Ancash, Peru

*Skeleton Tribe. Photo taken by Jaime Ocampo Rangel in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea.

Bonne Fête Maman

People around the world! This puts a smile on my face. We are so different yet so much alike. People of the world whom Jesus died for.

Woman with jewlery, India (from (un)Fashion)

Child from Omo tribe with flowers, in Omo, Korcho, Ethiopia, by Eric Lafforgue