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YEAR LONG COMMON CORE ALIGNED BUNDLE ON ROOT WORDS FOR INTERMEDIATE GRADES! I chose 130 of the most common and useful Greek/Latin roots for students to not only learn each week, but quarterly opportunities to apply those skills on comprehensive assessments. Contains 28 weeks’ worth of editable new root word lists/quizzes with 4 built in review/assessment activities.

Greek and Latin Root Words {Book 1}

Over 250 pages of Greek and Latin root word work and activities for grades 4-8. Assessments, game cards, and word walls are also included! $

Cool pics of idioms

Interactive Vocabulary Notebooks

Rupt - Break, Burst; Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes Foldables; Greek and Latin Roots Interactive Notebook Activity by Lovin' Lit

You can have students (randomly) pick a state and make a brochure about it. This kind of assignment can be adapted for various continents and countries too.

Greek and Latin Root of the Week {Rolodex & Daily Practice Activities}

Such a simple idea for Greek and Latin Roots!!! Posting the root word wheel outside of my door, it acts as a “Password” as my 5th graders enter into my classroom. Each morning, students lead a simple, 3-5 minute activity working with our root - recording it, listing it, picturing it, chanting it, and teaching it.

Colors in French.

Greek and Latin Root of the Week {Rolodex & Daily Practice Activities}

Building vocabulary has been a huge challenge this year, and I wanted a way to quickly and simply introduce my students to Greek and Latin roots. I created this Root of the Week resource to turn hallway transitions into meaningful moments for learning, as well as, quickly focus students as they enter the classroom. Each day, students lead/participate in a simple activity - record it, list it, picture it, chant it, and teach it.

FREE Figurative Language Picture Collection Online~ This picture, "Catching a Cab," illustrates a common expression. This site is great for teaching about figurative language. Preview before using since some images are quite literal and may not be suitable for all students.

This board helps my students remember some of the word parts we have highlighted throughout the year. Greek and Latin word parts are the toughest (we put those in the root section), but once they master them, they can continuously add examples (leaves) throughout the year seeing their vocabulary and the tree get thicker and thicker!