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Grand Duchess Olga - to her mother Alexandra, 1915

L’adresse sur l’enveloppe a été écrite de la main de l‘impératrice Alexandra Feodorovna .(source : musée historique de Moscou – Merci à Agnès)

Group of signaturws by various exiled Romanov family members on board the H.M.S. Marlborough.A♥W

Copy of a letter written by Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova to her cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten (Dicky), the son of her mother’s eldest sister Victoria. Dicky was only a year older than Anastasia. 1910.

Grand Duchesses Anastasia sitting next to her Mother Empress Alexandra, Grand Duchesses Tatiana and Marie sit on the floor.

inaugurated in 1889 by Empress Maria Feodorovna who called him "our beloved dacha in miniature". In 1891, children of Alexander and Dagmar, and Georges Nicolas, engraved their name on a window to Using a diamond ring.Tsar Nicolas II signed "Nicky". Window are still in the same place.After the death of Alexander III in 1894, the Empress Maria Feodorovna not set foot in his "dacha in miniature". On the death of the Empress in 1928, his heir the Grand Duchess Olga sold the house.