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Explorez Fairy Tail Cana, Fairytail et plus encore !

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à partir de Mangama'Niack

Les 3 nouveaux dessins d’Hiro Mashima avec Carla,...

Bleach-Mx - Lecture en Ligne, Lire en ligne les Mangas Bleach, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball Super ou autres... : Fairy Tail page . Lecture en ligne des autres pages du scan, Fairy Tail page Fairy Tail page Fairy Tail page Fairy Tail page Fairy Tail page etc.

Waaaw... mais pourquoi y'a tête de cube derrière ?! o.O

Fairy Tail volume 50 postcard

Fairy Tail birthday scenario...Mortal enemies with Gray...NOOOOOOO, well at least it's not Gajeel!

Cana is actually my absolute favorite Fairy Tail wizard, I mean I also love Natsu and Gray, and I adore Loke but Cana is my favorite. Always.


I am doing this for Maimie, this is how much I love you. (Maimie is my friend btw)

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