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Lockheed Vega NC12288 the sole survivor of just 9 examples of the DL-1 series built by the Detroit Aircraft Corporation for Lockheed (1933) owned by John Magoffin (Francois Bergeon 2013)

Last of the Vegas.John Magoffin’s Lockheed Vega DL-1B, one of 10 built in Detroit with metal fuselage over wooden frame. Immediate predecessors off line flown by the U.S. Army Air Corps as executive transports, and Magoffin painted his to mimic one that flew for the 35th Pursuit Squadron, based at Langley Field, Virginia in 1932. “It was used as an executive/VIP transport, but believe it or not, it was faster than the top-of-the-line fighters the U.S. military had at that time,” says…

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Lockheed Vega Y1C-17 (alloy-bodied Vega 5C built under licence by the Detroit Aircraft Corporation for U.S. Army Air Corps) (c. 1931) (USAAC)

Lockheed Vega Y1C-12 (built in 1931 under licence by the Detroit Aircraft Corporation) had an aluminum monocoque fuselage & was used for testing by U.S. Army Air Corps (USAF}

Lockheed (Detroit) DL-1 Vega N12288 / 99 (cn 161) Part of the Commemorative Air Force Musuem collection at Falcon Field. The aircraft is maintained in flying condition.

Lockheed Vega 5C floatplane 'The Detroit News' (NC32M) sold in 1930 to the Evening News Association, Detroit, Michigan

Lockheed Vega NC12288 John Magoffin’s restored Lockheed Vega shortly after its first flight