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Young Winston by Bud Bradshaw.    Young Winston Churchill leads British Lancers against the hordes at Omdurman, 1898.
Convoi du général Foy : [estampe] / Raffet
The Last Major Cavalry Charge, 70 Years Ago. With sabers drawn, about 600 Italian cavalrymen yelled out their traditional battle cry of “Savoia!” and galloped headlong toward 2,000 Soviet foot soldiers armed with machine guns and mortars. On August 23, 1942
Panorama der Schlacht bei Waterloo 13
The Last Great Cavalry Charge by Lambert. On 31st October 1917, 800 men of the Australian Light Horse Brigade charged entrenched Turko-German defences at Beersheba, Palestine. It was an 11th hour attempt to capture vital water wells and save the attacking allied forces from disaster. Under heavy fire from artillery, aircraft, machine gun and rifle fire and against great odds, they successfully charged into history, their losses were 31 dead, 36 wounded and 70 of their beloved horses died.
Wellington à Waterloo
Panorama der Schlacht bei Waterloo 09
Entrée de Napoléon à Grenoble : [estampe] / Georgin sc. - 1
Cuirassiers français pendant la bataille de Wagram