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The first set of people in the new world to achieved their independence through guerilla warfare - Must be Jamaican

The term “dreadlocks” comes from a movement of guerrilla warriors who vowed not to cut their hair until Haile Selassie, former Emperor of Ethiopia was released from exile after leading the resistance against the Italian invasion. The warriors hair became matted and began to lock over time. Because the warriors with locks in their head were “dreaded” the term “dreadlocks” came to frui

Selling flowers and scooters.At 64 Avenue Hoche, a flower seller does business. In the foreground, a child on a scooter accessory fashion there are already nearly 100 years. This photograph may date from 1924. He was taken by Augustus Leon. © Musée Albert Kahn / Hauts-de-Seine

Jamaica National Costume. I need to educate my girls and myself on my Jamaican history.

Jeune Haïtienne en costume créole en 1906

Gathering Bananas at the Famous Cedar Grove Plantation, Jamaica by The Caribbean Photo Archive, via Flickr

Miss World 1993 - Lisa Hanna, Miss jamaica