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Sherlockians are losing it. We will be turning into a flood of moriartys before long... Bbc you have created monsters, and we enjoy or insanity.../// I will be #foreverrepinning this. this is the greatest meme set in the fandom.

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Sherlock moved John's chair because he couldn't stand it being empty

This is the best sentence ever

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Which "Sherlock" Character Are You?

I'm Molly apparently :D

"Sherlock and Mycroft annoy each other headcannon. This is just brilliant." *boop* headcanon accepted

Which "Sherlock" Character Are You?

Which "Sherlock" Character Are You? I'm Sherlock:)

I Don't Have Friends - llustration Print

Benedict Cumberbatch Presents A Sherlock Holmes Story

GIF. Ok. I know I've pinned 90,000 GIFs... Today.... But if you look at any of them MAKE IT THIS ONE. ONCE AGAIN THE LONGER YOU LOOK AT IT THE FUNNIER IT GETS. IM DYING. DYYYYIIINNNNGGG.