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I love this interview with Miss Universe!!! The Nouis part in the middle where they're making faces at each other makes me want to curl up into the fetal position and then Harry twerking and Zayn being all casual in his Nike sweatshirt and Liam's sTUBBLE. Plus, Niall so has the hots for Olivia. -H
Pin for Later: 22 Struggles of Being an Adult One Direction Fangirl When you can feel the judgment coming from the cashier at Target when you're buying new 1D earbuds. So you can listen to "Best Song Ever" on repeat while you balance your checkbook without everyone knowing.
Well hes Daddy Direction, what do you expect! What do you think about Liams protectiveness? comment and follow
One Direction
Fun fact: I have never gotten a nosebleed
Harry And Louis Photobombing !!