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Explorez Makara Gamzee, Dirk Batailles et plus encore !

My dark ship otp omg Gamzee and Dirk

Grub Gamzee!!!! HoNk! :o) Tags: Gamzee, Gamzee Makara, Makara, grub, Homestuck, wriggler

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Upon the act of forcing me to come up with a title| mimiadraws: +.x†☯✡follow 4 more soft...

Meulin, Kurloz, Cronus, Kankri, Mituna, Porrim, Aranea, Latula, and Meenah

"and then we were blasting off suddenly on his fuckin rocket and i dont even KNOW whats happening but its all so awesome and we scoot by somewhere and pick jane up in her yellow dress and now SHES flying with us screamin the whole time hahahaha" - Roxy Lalonde

Makara Rotation So, Ancestor takes the place of Beta, Dancestor take the place of Ancestor, and Beta takes the place of Dancestor-

Karkat/Nepeta/Gamzee - Homestuck