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Tags: Death Note/ Mello/ Matt/ mattxmello/ Mihael Keehl/ Mail Jeevas/ Wammy's House/ Near/ Nate River/ wow is Mello jealous??/ looks kinda love triangle-ish. Art by razuri chan

Tags: Fanart, DEATH NOTE, Near, Sketch It's weird how Matt has like 5 min of screen time but he as a big fan following

Poster Death Note Ryuk et Vignettes

Tags: Death Note/ L/ Light Yagami/ Lawlight/ LxLight/ fanart

llawlietfanart: “ “By こまつ ※ Permission to upload this was given by the artist. ” ”

Affiche Death,Poster Affiche,Manga Horreur,Enregistrements Rapides,Autre,Animeonly Death Note,Destinations,Personnages,Modèles

Death Note: Near. After L died in the anime, I just couldn't bring myself to watch the rest of the anime. But I did watch a few episodes with Near and Mello. I never watched any with Matt though. i may rewatch the anime again.