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I have made it my goal to become well educated when it comes to opiates so I can buy the best products and use the best supplies. The other day I read a book that explained how opiates were extracted from the poppy plant. The poppy seed pod is filled with a liquid called latex and when its harvests time, harvesters come and scratch the outside skin of the pod which make the latex drip out of it. Once the latex has dried, it is scraped off and taken to be dehydrated.

Marianne Castelly

BENTE SKJØTTGAARD | galerie Maria Lund

Yunomi, Tea Cup, handmade ceramic tea cup, handmade pottery

Ceramics. Creating a bowl that I could actually eat my cereal in would be so cool. And to make it on a pottery wheel that would be so neat, I would feel like a real artist. Pottery would be a good activity for me because I like to go to color me mine and decorate bowls and mugs. This would be decorating a bowl and making it. It would be two in one. To make this possible, hello ND ceramics room.

Arne Bang kollektion - Vaser & fade - Fredensborg - EVERCLASSIC.COM