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Le macareux sous le feu des projecteurs

Entre deux posts Instagram enfumés, Snoop Dogg s'apprête à lancer un fonds d'investissement dans son domaine de prédilection, le cannabis. Selon le site Te...

Illustration de Phoenix-Lu

Little dragons by AlviaAlcedo on DeviantArt

[Création / Dessins] La Tour de Raiponce : les fan-arts de la princesse sur le web !

Destructive Explosions Covering Pristine Female Bodies | The artist Fabio Selvatici deliberately gets extreme with the visual physical destruction and, in doing so, challenges general expectations of beauty. The collection seen here is from his Obscure Series, including Brace, Hope, My Half, and Treason. |

Paragon SC-2 Kiln. Paragon SC-2 Kiln. Used once. It's in excellent working condition. The digital SC-2 kiln fires silver clay, decals, china paint, enameling, and glass in minutes up to 2000°F. The SC-2 is popular with seminar teachers because it fires fast, plugs into a standard 120 volt household outlet. Please feel free to ask me questions. I'll pay for the excess in shipping. paragon Accessories Laptop Cases

A gang of Super Mario drawings! Clockwise from the top left these were created by @1800getatom @i.have.a.cool.name @omarsalinasart and @haroartist. So this is a cool little story of artists inspiring other artists. Back on November 23rd Adam Harris (@1800getatom) drew a great pen-and-ink illustration of Nintendos brave plumber superhero hurling a fireball probably at some unsuspecting koopa trooper. Inspired by Adams piece @i.have.a.cool.name inked up a similar Mario in action and colored…

You are purchasing an odd count peyote digital pattern....NOT THE ITEM IN THE PHOTO!! Every now and then, a pattern that I design has more LIFE to it, even after it is created! THIS creation is one of those designs! Here is WINTER, part of my series, ALL YEAR ROUND! I couldn’t help bring this color palette to life. Very eclectic, this is so fun to work and even more fun to wear! I hope you enjoy WINTER! I always use 4lb Fire Line fishing line to stitch; a long, size 12 beading needle; size…

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