Modern diamond and opal tiara by Richard Cowell
Empress Josephine's Cameo Tiara (Sweden) A gift from Napoleon to Empress Josephine of France, this bridal tiara consists of countless pearls and seven cameos that depict mythological figures.When Josephine's granddaughter Josephine of Leuchtenberg married King Oscar I of Sweden in 1823, she relocated to Stockholm and took the tiara with her. Queen Silvia has, on occasion, worn it to the Nobel Prize gala dinner. Crown Princess Victoria, wore the tiara at her wedding in 2010
bijoux de maxima
Queen Mary's Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara. E. Wolff & Co.1 for R. & S. Garrard & Co., 1893.. Diamonds, silver and gold.
diamond tiara, cariter, formerly property of the countess of essex.
Papyrus Lotus Flower
Diamond Diadem, 1820 from the Royal Collection of Queen Elizabeth. Originally made for George IV, it was thought to be too feminine for a man to wear. On the other hand, it's just perfect on the heads of Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II.
bijoux de Gina Lollobrigida chez Sotheby’s Tiare diamants et émeraude gravée - prix estimé : plus de 80.000 euros
Diadème de l'impératrice Eugénie. Gabriel LEMONNIER, joaillier. H. : 7 cm. ; L. : 19 cm. ; Pr. : 18,50 cm. Comportant 212 perles, 1 998 diamants de taille ancienne, montés sur argent doublé d’or.