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Person standing next to a Baobab Tree

Toborochi tree - amazing!.............looks like the Baobab Tree.

Baobab Alley, Madagascar >>> WOW this is absolutely amazing!......Saw these beautiful trees when we went to Mozambique in 2006.

The boabab tree in S Africa....over 2000 yrs old. Known as the tree of life...

baobab trees reflected in the wetlands of the morondava river in madagascar

Tornado and Rainbow Over Kansas - A white tornado cloud descends from a dark storm cloud. The Sun is peeking through a clear patch of sky to the left. Sunlight reflects off raindrops to form a rainbow. In an amazing spectacle, the tornado appears to end right over the rainbow. Streaks in the image are hail being swept about by the high swirling winds. – på lmage Credit: Eric Nguyen/Oklahoma U./NASA ('04).

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