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Butterfly wing structure

Stone Spray Robot by Anna Kulik, Inder Shergill and Petr Novikov

African inventor makes 3D printer from scrap. Watch the whole video for some inspiring tech stories from Africa.

The race to build the first 3D-printed building

The race to build the first 3D-printed building (Wired UK)

Watch Wind-up Toys and Walkmen Create Intricate Mechanical Drawings

Dessins Mécaniques,Créer Des Complexes,Jouets À Remonter,Intricate Mechanical,Create Detailed,Watch Wind,Echo Yang,Everyday Electronics,Walkmen

Equus Horse Sculpture


an exploration in art + robotics, representing wind through digital fabrication and the tangible

ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2012: Entrance wrapping simulation

Simulation of the wrapping process of the entrance. The mechanical model calculated in SOFiSTiK is coupled with the parametric model in Grasshopper to solve the contact problem between the single fibres. The displaced fibres are shown along with the colour gradient displaying the fibre pre-stress. For further information visit: Project Team: ICD – Institute for Computational Design – Prof. Achim Menges ITKE – ...