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Rare Photos Reveal Tibet 100 Years Ago

about 35,000 B.C. a group of these African Chinese, known as the Jomon, entered Japan, and became 1st humans to inhabit Japanese Islands. later, another group, the Ainu, followed. oddly Indians were not part of this group. today, their genes can be found in 40% of modern Japanese, as well as Mongolians and Tibetans

A couple workers just having lunch on a high beam back in the day, no big deal........

Historical photo: an American Indian ice-cutting crew in winter. This is an interesting historical photo I came across, and appropriate for a day like today in which much of the U.S. is gripped by the extremes of winter. In years past for many people winter meant business–specifically, ice-cutters. This is a group of ice-cutters, Paiute Indians, posing with their tools before setting to work on the Divide Reservoir near Virginia City, Nevada.

Africa | "Mututsi Coiffure". Rwanda || Scanned old postcard

Jewish girls from Tafilalet, Morocco, early 1900s. Photographer unknown

Charlayne Hunter (1961) leaving the University of Georgia campus after registering as a student. She holds a place in Georgia civil rights history as one of the first two African American students (the other student was Hamilton Holmes) admitted to the University of Georgia. Also known for her career as an award-winning journalist, Hunter-Gault is respected for her work on television and in print.

Une étude prouve que les premiers habitants de la Chine étaient des Noirs | eburnienews | Diaspora ivoirienne | Actualité Politique | Diaspora africaine en France