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aaron-william: seraphs-embrace-evolution: Guy Denning ~ Charcoal & Chalk DessinsJe te dessine du bout des yeux..À l’encre de mes pensées..Je ne colorie pas ta peau..Juste des contours et des traits..La forme de ton visage..Accentuer ton regard..Décrire ton paysage..Juste ta beauté sans fards..Aaron-

Guy Denning - Dreyfus (2009)

Guy Denning - Occupy (The 99%), 30th October 2011

Guy Denning felt that contemporary art in Britain in the 1990's was controlled and monitored far too much by art institutions and state supported organizations. This led to him joining up with a group of other artists to form the Neomodernism artist group with the hopes to reform architecture and rescue it from the complexities that had been created by postmodernism, so that artists can feel free to communicate with their pieces without the bonds of corporate and state art politics.