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Knowing without a doubt that you can depend on someone is the most amazing feeling. That is how Christ is and was during His ministry. When we strive to be more Christ-like, we can be depended upon to help others

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This is so true. I need to stop being nice to people I know don't care back for me. Sometimes I care about people too much and I'm the one Hurt in the end

''Amor não é sobre quantas vezes você diz eu te amo mas o quanto você prova que é isso é verdade'' #Amor #Verdade

And I'm beginning to realize that we can't be together.

Sweetest thing ever. NJR was one love that I am eternally grateful for and I'm so happy to have reached a point in life where I can truly appreciate and acknowledge the ways in which he inspired me to be a strong and confident woman. We met because we needed each other and we parted in mutual sorrow. Such a rare, chaotic, passionate and beautiful love. Sacred. Always.

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Reba McEntire (?) sang a song that said, "I would have waited forever if I'd have known that you'd be back." I think it's called "One Promise Too Late",