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"Your words and thoughts have physical power", Will Smith

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Jiddu Krishnamurti - was a spiritual leader and writer from Madras ( Chennai). He was raised by Annie Besant, who saw in him the next world leader.In 1911, Theosophical Society established an organization called the Order of the Star in the East, to prepare the world for expected appearance of the World Teacher, Krishnamurti was its head. FunFact: Krishnamurt didn't believe that people should have leaders, they should follow their own path he said and he dissolved the organization in…

"Find out what makes you alive." Oprah's inspiring Harvard commencement speech about coping with failure, yearning for validation, building your story, finding your calling, collecting pocket change for positive change and “banishing darkness with light.”

Believe it.

Will Smith on work ethic!

I believe I am 98% there! I am going to read this regularly because this is my goal!

Inspirational Video: Movies: Forever Strong, Pursuit of Happyness, Miracle, Any Given Sunday, Friday Night Lights, Rocky, Gladiator, Shawshank Redemption, Remember the Titans Song: Everyday, Carly Commando

I know I have pinned this quote before but today it seems fit to repost! !

Not everyone is cut out for honesty...