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I love how all the MRA's immediately flipped their lids and sided with the guy. They are their own punchline.

Emma Watson on #feminism in the UN #heforshe campaign.

have you noticed that?

This Anonymous Artist Illustrates Your Inner Feminist Monologue

"I need #feminism because today my chem teacher told the class that women are not designed to excel at math and science." This is disgusting.

Sexism goes both ways. Feminism helps both. - Imgur

Para de justificar preconceito, discurso de ódio e hipocrisia com "direito a opinião", seus louco

Sexism goes both ways. Feminism helps both. - Imgur

basically women are undervalued is most cultures.

This poster for violence against women is a great example of feminism. Women still are not considered equal in today's society, even though we are people. A woman should not be respected just because they are your sister, mother or daughter. Women should be respected because we are people, just like men. We are all people. She's a human being and has rights and deserves to be respected as much as the man standing beside her.

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