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One-Armed Spiral Galaxy NGC 4725 (Astronomy Picture of the Day RSS Feed)

One-Armed Spiral Galaxy NGC 4725

NGC 3627: Revealing Hidden Black Holes The spiral galaxy NGC 3627 is located…

See Explanation. Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.

NGC 3718 (Arp 214) Distance: 42.4 Million Light Years NGC 3718 and its companion NGC 3729 are physically related members of the Ursa Major galaxy cluster. via Facebook (396×559)

The various spiral arm segments of the Sunflower galaxy, also known as Messier 63, show up vividly in this image taken in infrared light by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Infrared light is sensitive to the dust lanes in spiral galaxies, which appear dark in visible-light images.

The Cartwheel galaxy as seen by 3 space telescopes. 100 million years ago…