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Sam Haskins
Blue series shot in the early 80s in London, by Sam Haskins.  The image is an in-camera montage – the model in the hat was produced as a black and white print photographed onto a colour transparency with my Pentax 67 and physically sandwiched onto the shot of the arches.
Lot 1589 - SAM HASKINS - In-Camera Montage
Sam Haskins (1926-2009), British photographer, born in South Africa, died in Australia, known for nudes, in-camera image montage and book publishing
1991 in camera montage, Sam Haskins
Photo Montage. Man Reading. Sam Haskins c1980
Sam Haskins , Self Portrait with a model, ca. 1961,
Photography quote: As a photographer I've been tempted to say things like this to people. Should I. ... After all I like being honest and a tad sarcastic
'Sam Haskins a Bologna' (1984) was published only in Italian and few copies exist elsewhere. According to his son, Ludwig, it's the most important book Sam Produced from scratch (free of archival images) after 'African Image' (1967).