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Luffas From Our Garden

One of lifes many wonders! Did you know you can Grow Your Own Luffas?! We did! Check out how it works and where to find the seeds!

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Gourd Luffa Sponge Vegetable Seeds (Luffa Cylindrica) 15+Seeds

25+ Luffa Sponge Gourd Vegetable Seeds , Under The Sun Seeds

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Brillant : Un double seau spécial pour faire pousser les pommes de terre!

Urban potato farming. Take one plastic planter, cut out the sides and place in a second planter. Makes for easy harvesting.

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How to create a wildflower meadow in the garden

How to grow a wildflower meadow in your garden. You can grow a wildflower patch in your garden - it works best on poor soil. Sow the flower seeds and water in. Check for weeds and water occasionally until they establish. Let them self-seed around at the end for flowers every year!

Make a potato pot by cutting out the sides of a plant pot and putting it inside another one - this makes it easier to lift the plants out for harvesting.

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When To Plant Your Vegetable Garden

Vegetable garden growing calendar with starting and transplanting dates. If only I had a green thumb.

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15 Ways to Use Baking Soda in Your Garden

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