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Princess, Nattakritta, Lertpunyaroj Eye Film Institute Analysis 2 Plan and section of the building

in this building you can either use staircase or elevator to access the building. For people who bring cars to park underground floor could get 6 main entrances for guest to come in the other 4 doors are small entrance to get into the building. From underground lever to the top roof, rooms are a lot from the ground floor and less from the above.

Pik Prapasri Khunakridatikarn POMPIDOU CENTER: Physical Analysis A diagram shows how the structure of the Pompidou centre could get a long s...

(Khim) Khim Pisessith - The section and elevation of Ningbo Historic Museum; Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture Studio

(Khim) Khim Pisessith - A part of the case study for the Bollywood Film City and the desired space inspired from various architectures

Diagram showing how the layout of the furniture around the building look like in each levels and how does it interact with the users or visitors coming.

Princess, Nattakritta, Lertpunyaroj Eye Film Institute Analysis 6 Exploded construction cantilever

Princess, Nattakritta, Lertpunyaroj Eye Film Institute Analysis 1 Diagrams of types of film are shown, users, site surroundings, section and how the building deals with buildings around

Princess, Nattakritta, Lertpunyaroj Plans Plan of first and second floor with circulation through programs in different area.

The Venetian Macau: Analyse specific program in the building, how big is the space and what is its usage?

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