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Marks: E Depose 1 B. Comments: French,Blampoix,circa 1865. Value Points: petite poupee with enchanting demure expression,finest bisque and painting,very sturdy body,fine ivory satin gown with Alencon lace,undergarments,leather heeled boots,and woven bonnet.Marks: 2 F.G. Comments: Gaultier,circa 1875. Value Points: beautiful pale bisque with brilliant eyes,sturdy body,very fine antique multi-layered costume

1-B Šaty 1995 - Jarmila Walterová - Picasa Web Albums

Very desirable French Poupée peau with bisque socket head impressed “G” with smiling face reminiscent of Empress Eugenie made by Bru, long feathered eyebrows, blue threaded glass eyes, painted upper and lower eyelashes, light mauve eye shadow, smiling closed mouth with lip shading strokes, pierced ears with earrings, cork pate, replaced mohair wig; bisque shoulder plate, fully jointed kid-over-wood body with bisque lower arms; very nicely redressed in vintage fabrics and new leather boots…

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Original French Bisque Poupee, Dehors Articulation, Bisque Arms, Couturier Costume 4000/6000

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RARE “INCISED JUMEAU DEPOSE” FRENCH BISQUE BEBE WITH EXCEPTIONAL SCULPTING. Marks: Depose Jumeau 9 (incised block letters). 21”. Bisque socket head, blue paperweight eyes, painted lashes, eyeliner, feathered and brushstroked brows, mauve-blushed eyelids, separately-modelled and applied pierced ears, , original blonde mohair wig and cork pate, wood and composition jointed body straight wrists, stamped “Bebe Jumeau Medaille d’or Paris”, antique shirred cotton frock with eyelet trim,

French Bisque Character, 238, by SFBJ, with Original Alsatian Costume 18" Bisque socket head, small brown glass "jewel" inset eyes, wearing original folklore costume of Alsace. Marks: SFBJ 238 Paris 6. SFBJ, circa 1912,

Marks: F.G. 2. Comments: Gaultier,circa 1878,from a series of exotic models created for to appeal to Eastern-culture travelers to the 1878 Paris International Exposition.