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Vocabulary Mini Office

Mini Office: this vocabulary mini office is the perfect resource to support your beginning English Language Learners. The visuals provide the comprehensible input Newcomers need when learning English vocabulary. Also PERFECT as a primary writing resource!

15 Tips for Working With English Language Learners

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[Histoire de l’art] L’oeuvre d’art de la semaine

[Histoire de l'art] L'oeuvre d'art de la semaine

Perfect for kids with receptive or expressive language disorders who have difficulty when writing!

Cool pics of idioms

CLASSROOM GAMES- Describing a picture - Vocabulary Help (Utile pour BLIND 7DIFFERENCES, DRAW MY FLAT, ....)

Picture Writing Prompts for ELL Newcomers

Using Picture Writing Prompts for ELL Newcomers

Search and find for Spanish

Filled with activities and ideas you can use right away, this sampler includes 20 freebies that address the needs of English Language Learners at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of English language proficiency. Written by TpT teacher-authors who work with ELLs and organized by grade span ranging from PreK through Adult Education, these resources can be used in a variety of instructional programs: mainstream and ESL classes, bilingual and dual immersion programs, and adult ESL…