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Scourge and Tigerstar

This is Leopardstar. She was the leader of RiverClan when Tigerstar was around. She was tricked into giving her clan to Tigerstar to form TigerClan. She helped Firestar and Tallstar to defeat BloodClan.

Warriors by Erin Hunter| Firestar, Graystripe, Sandstorm, Brambleclaw, Cinderpelt, Squirrelflight & Leafpool are in this picture.

Russetfur deputy to Blackstar. Died when she was deputy and never became Russetstar. But sometimes she was a cruel cat.

Hold still.

WCFF: Cinderpelt and Brackenfur were apprenticed before they were six moons old.

Látigo Gris (Graystripe)

Lion's Roar by Starburst565 on @DeviantArt

Le croissant d'argent

Spottedleaf, former medicine cat of ThunderClan. She also fell in love with Firestar but she died later on in the series.

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