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Astarte figurines, Mesopotamia

Anonymous (Minoan). 'Snake Goddess,' 1600 BC. black steatite. Walters Art Museum (23.196): Acquired by Henry Walters, 1929.

The three daughters of the Semitic god, Hubal. From left to right: Al-Uzza, Al-Lat and Menat formed a holy trinity in Ancient Arabia. They were widely worshipped: from Nabatean Petra in the North to the legendary Kingdoms of Arabia Felix in the South, including Saba, the Biblical Sheba; as far east as Mesopotamia and Persia.

Rare Irish Celtic ‘Matrona,’ bronze female figurine. 1st-8th century AD. A cast anthropomorphic figurine of a seated female figure with upraised arms. The right hand is carefully molded in a palm-outward warding gesture; the left is vestigial, suggesting that originally a separate item was placed in front of the left side of the body. The elliptical face is depicted with almond-shaped eyes, typical of Irish Iron Age art, and the hair is swept back from the face.

Celtic Goddess, Epona

Dogu -Japan 2500-1000 bce

GODDESS WITH CHILD (LATONA), ETRUSCAN. Etruscan, Late-Archaic, 510–500 BC. Goddess carrying a child (Latona with Apollo). From the roof ridge of the Portonaccio Temple at Veil. Terracotta, height 166 cm.

Mujer japonesa periodo Estatuilla de Jomon (c. 10,500-300 aC) c. 1000-200 aC al horno de arcilla bajo 7 15/16 x 5 1/8 x 2 3/8 pulg. (20,1 x 13 x 6 cm) AP 1.971,15 estos momentos no va VISTA Jomon, que significa "cordón-marcada," se refiere a la impresiones ...

(2000-1800 av JC). Région de l'Oronte, Syrie.

Examples of the mother Goddess Sculptures of all ancient Cultures, they are eerily similar, yet we are taught that these civilizations each existed in a vacuum, with no contact amongst each other for thousands of years, across multiple continents..... I do not accept this teaching, and i am sure there is massive hidden history among the worlds Religions, governments, and Militaries.