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These Abandoned Tanks Are Rusting Mementoes of the Wars of the Past

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Remains of a Higgins Boat on Omaha Beach, Normandy, France (taken March 1, 2014). These were made of wood from a factory in New Orleans!!

M4 Sherman 105. Large numbers of WWII era armored vehicles were discovered on Iraqi army bases during the Iraq war. This is a Sherman with the VVSS suspension and the 105mm howitzer. Some armor for Russian lend-lease was shipped through Persia. At the end of the war, leftover stocks like this vehicle were given to Persia as military assistance.

iraqis Abrams m1a1ms mbt(main battle tank) destroyed by isis(Islamic State of Iraq and Levant)

Mar 22, 2014. Every year hundreds of tons of unexploded First World War shells are found on the battlefields of France and Belgium – two workmen were killed in Ypres yesterday when one blew up on a building site. High explosive shells are found almost every day and are left on the side of the road for bomb disposal teams to pick up. But there is evidence that some collectors dig up these bombs and try to sell it.

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WWII M-1C Airborne Helmet 506th Front Seam Westinghouse Paratrooper Liner Net

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WWII M-1 Helmet ESB (Engineer Special Brigade) D-day

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WWII M-1 Helmet ESB Engineer Special Brigade D-Day Normandy NCO

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