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White Wolf : 10 Fascinating Facts About Ravens

Crows Ravens: #Raven.

Raven - lovely sharp headstudy

La Corneille noire (emCorvus corone/em) est un Corvidé commun. Elle est entièrement noire ce qui la distingue de la Corneille mantelée, du Corbeau freux notamment. Le grand corbeau (emCorvus corax/em), entièrement noir également est beaucoup plus gros et vit essentiellement en / Classification : Tétrapodes / Amniotes / Sauropsides / Diapsides / Archosauriens Oiseaux / Passériformes

Raven - A raven's tail feathers have a round shape, like these. A crow's are squared off.

This Corvidae is Glorious!! Welcome Autumn!!! :)

Grand corbeau

Crows often appear in groups, and though there seems to be no variation in their caw-ing to each other, each caw actually has a different meaning. Their complex vocabulary is one sign of their intelligence.. They often make great noise when hunters are around, warning deer and other birds. Crows recognise potential danger and hence always post lookouts when feeding. This is their most vulnerable time...