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(Left) In this x-ray of a normal knee, the space between the bones indicates healthy cartilage (arrow). (Right) This x-ray of an arthritic knee shows severe loss of joint space and bone spurs (arrows)

This post is very useful to people who recently undergone knee replacement surgery, it talks about some helpful tips of knee replacement pain relief.

Replacing a Bad Knee Knee replacement surgery can relieve severe arthritis pain and may help you walk easier. Wear and tear, illness, or a knee injury can damage the cartilage around your knee bones and prevent the joint from working well. If your arthritis symptoms are severe, your doctor may recommend knee replacement.

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What's It Like: To get knee replacement surgery

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Knee osteoarthritis is characterised by wear and tear of the cartilage and bone

... but seriously. I wish there was a class that taught us how to decipher doctor "handwriting" =D.

Knee joint anatomy diagram showing the bones, cartilage and ligaments