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Assia Guemra

Henriette Browne ( 1829-1901 ), 1867, Fellah nord-africaine.

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Dihya, reine berbère

Africa | Kabylia girl in festive dress. Algeria || Scanned vintage postcard; publisher Neurdein

vintage everyday: Old Photos of North African Women

A moor authentic version of the Kabyle Berber before numerous admixture with foreigners to North Africa.Nowadays the Kabyle berber tribes in the Djurdjura Mountains don't really come as dark or Swarthy as this anymoor.This type Of Berber is what a Gaetuli/Mauri/jCarthaginian/ or Numidian would Of looked like and their still some very dark ones present in the Kabyle but not since the 1800-1900 the Muladi mixed types have become moor numerous do to French Occupation.Algeria

1909...Beautiful Arab Girl holding Tambourine....Gorgeous Costume....french original vintage postcard

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